7 Elements of High Watermark Health

While our focus at Watermark Naturals is on high watermark nutrition, we realize it takes more than food and nutrition  to feel and function at your peak!

High watermark health is when you’re at your best. It’s when you’re taking care of yourself the best you know how, your thoughts and actions are in alignment with your goals, and you’re content with how you’re showing up in the world.

Like the tide, health and habits ebb and flow – good days, bad days – but the high watermark represents that standard we’re aiming for, because we know how good it feels (or at least we can imagine how good it feels!)

While nuances of high watermark health will be individual, we feel these 7 core elements are universal:

Nutrition –meeting your nutritional needs on a daily basis can have a profound influence on how you feel, and how you engage with what unfolds in the day.

Hydration – Everyone needs a daily, clean, reliable source of this most essential nutrient.  Conversations about physical performance and cognitive function begin and end with hydration.

Movement and Exercise – Bodies are meant to move. Better strength, bone density, posture, balance, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness and better mood are within reach when activity is prioritized.

Sleep – Of the numerous benefits that reliable, consistent sleep provides, the top 3 …better productivity, more energy and easier to be around.

Air and Breath – The patterns of your breathing, and the quality of the air you breath are further determinants of health. You can directly affect your consciousness state through the day by changing the pattern of your breathing. Even better if you spend time outdoors, in nature, breathing fresh air. A “breath of fresh air” can be as necessary for your physical body as it is for your mind.

Mindfulness – Mindfulness is about tuning in and bringing awareness to the moment…what you’re experiencing, sensing, feeling, thinking and then getting in touch with your intentions, needs, wants and desires. A regular practice of mindfulness can include meditation, journaling, walking meditation, running, body scan and breath awareness, visualization, creating art or music, or as simple as quality time with yourself in peace and quiet.

Relationships – People are designed to make emotional and physical connections with others. Such close connections are shown to help people live happier, healthier lives.

There may be elements of high watermark health that you’ve conquered, where you’ve found the sweet spot and have created a lifestyle around these habits.

There may be other elements that need attention and intention.

If so, jump in with us, the water’s warm. Join our Community. Ride the wave to a higher watermark!