The Story of Oatdacious

Hi! I’m Dr. Julia. I’m a farm girl at heart, a foodie by nature and a Naturopathic Doctor by training. And I’m the formulator of Oatdacious 3 in 1 Smoothie Protein.

Oatdacious began with a love of oatmeal. Now I realize oatmeal isn’t everyone’s favorite, but there’s something about porridge in the morning as a kid growing up on the farm, that grew on me.  In fact, I would joke with my husband that if I could only take 1 food to a deserted island to live on forever…it would be oatmeal.

So for a time in my life, I had oatmeal everyday.

Eventually, with my 40+ metabolism and sitting at a desk with patients all day, I realized that a big bowl of hearty oatmeal with all the fixings and maple syrup I added to ‘beat the bland’ wasn’t working for me anymore. I needed more protein at breakfast, less sweet, and my porridge would need to be reserved for days with more physical work or play.

So then I moved to protein shakes, and sometimes to get my oat fix I’d sneak a handful of whole oats into my smoothie.  The result was flakey and chunky, not a particularly pleasant way to enjoy either the oats or the smoothie.

That’s how the journey started…a deep dive into the oat world, learning how to bring the benefits of oats from the bowl to the blender. With the support of Watermark Naturals, Oatdacious was born.

I wanted Oatdacious to be more than a vegan protein powder.  I wanted it to have meaningful levels of beta glucan – the soluble fibre in oats associated with gut health and heart health. I also wanted it to be smooth, not gritty and with worry-free, real food ingredients so we added gluten free, whole grain oatmilk powder to give the froth of your oat millk latte with the creaminess of a milkshake. I also wanted  a sugar-free way to enjoy the benefits of oats ’cause let’s face it -we can all do with less sugar. So we added organic stevia and vanilla powder for some delicate flavour, which means 1 serving of Oatdacious has only 3 grams of net carbohydrate.

Now you can blend the benefits of oats with your protein smoothie habit – in ways that aren’t flakey or chunky, or gritty or high in sugar. Bold? Yes. But I’m OK with that. I hope you it too.

May your goals be audacious, your spirit tenacious and your fuel Oatdacious!

All in good health,