Farmhouse Salad Jar with Dairy Free Ranch


   Gluten free

   Dairy free

   Serves 1

Farmhouse Salad Jar


½ white potato,  cubed

1 ear of yellow sweet corn, husked

¼ red onion, diced

¼ cup black beans, washed and drained

4-5 grape or cherry tomatoes

1 egg, hardboiled and sliced

½ cup spinach

½ cup mixed greens (baby lettuce, red romaine, etc)

Dairy Free Ranch (makes 8 servings)

1 cup vegan mayo

¼ cup almond milk

1 tsp apple cider vinegar

1 clove garlic

½ tbsp dried parsley

½ tsp dried dill

½ tsp onion powder

1 pinch pepper

½ tsp salt



Place all ranch ingredients in a small blender. Pulse until combined and creamy. Place in a small bowl, cover and refrigerate until ready to serve.

Bring a medium pot of water to a boil. Add in corn and cook for 7 minutes. Drain, cut off from the cob and set aside. Fill a small pot of water with water and bring to a boil. Add in potatoes and cook until softened, about 5-8 minutes. Drain and set aside

Layer jar with potatoes, corn, red onion, tomatoes, egg slices, and top with lettuce

Add 2 tbsp dairy free ranch to jar. Shake to disperse the dressing, then enjoy!


Nutritional analysis, 1 jar with 2 tbsp dressing

Calories 501, Carbs 54 gm, Fiber 8 gm, Protein 16 gm, Fat 26 gm,  Sodium 464 mg