The Salad Jar System Guide

Salad Jars are beautifully simple. Ingredients can be adjusted to the season, with dozens of variations depending on ingredients and dressings. Welcome to the art and science of The Salad Jar System!

Supplies you’ll need to work a Salad Jar System

  Wide mouth mason jars, 32 oz (4 cups), or other reusable glass jars or containers

  Mix and Match shopping list for Salad Jar Freestyling (below). You can start with ours and expand it over time

  A few salad dressings – either homemade or store-bought.

How to Work the Salad Jar System

  Before your grocery trip each week, make a list of salad jar ingredients.

  Wash, dice and prep your vegetables when they’re fresh

  Assemble your ingredients in the salad jars – densest vegetables first. Fill the jar ½ to ¾ full, leaving room for toppers and protein on the day of.

  Keep the mason jars sealed and refrigerated until ready to eat.

   The morning of, add your toppings, including a protein option. And of course, drizzle the dressing into your jar by pouring it along the inside wall of the jar

  When you’re ready for lunch, give the jar a vigorous shake, transfer the salad to a large bowl or plate and enjoy.

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